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Sounds pretty simple right? Just make an appointment and show the home. Yet these days there are several moving parts involved with a simple request to show the home to the potential buyer. 

When a listing agent posts a home on the MLS it’s important to provide plenty of pictures of the home, so a potential buyer can view the pictures and decide if they want to see the home in person.

Then they call their agent to begin the showing process.


Security has always been a concern to the sellers, especially if the sellers are still occupying the home opposed to if the home is vacant. A knowledgeable listing agent will inform a seller to remove all valuables, take down family pictures, and secure the family pet. It’s best for the seller to leave while the home is being shown by the agent to the buyer so they can discuss any questions the buyer may have.

Showing a vacant home is much easier for the buyers agent and most of the time the listing agent will use a lock box to access the home. Selling agent concerns are now minimized and providing signs to turn off lights, and lock all doors have been used.

Qualified Buyers

So how is it more complex in today’s market? Providing a pre-approval letter before the showing is gaining momentum as the seller only wants a qualified buyer to view the home. The thought is one is wasting time with a buyer that is not qualified.

Most listing agents keep a record of the showing and ask the buyers agent for any feedback that the buyer may have after the showing. This gives the seller and agent quality information about the home and what buyers are thinking.

COVID 19 -Precautions

earth-maskCOVID 19 has had a huge impact on showing a home for sale. California Association of Realtors has created several forms for agents to follow while showing the home. Form PEAD (Property Entry Advisory and Declaration) must be signed and delivered by all parties who plan on viewing the home to the listing agent. The PEAD form was created to advise the buyer the risks involved in viewing a home during the Coronavirus.

The listing agent must post a  “Interim Rules Form” at the entrance of the property in clear view. This posting states the buyer and agents must abide by rules set to show the home.

  1. Wear a mask.
  2. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.
  3. Avoid touching certain items in the home.
  4. Practice social distancing with the 6 feet rule.

Open Houses have been a great way for the buyer to preview a home and they don’t need their agent to be present, Unfortunately because of COVID 19 open houses have been postponed until further notice.

For more information on how to show your house, contact us here.