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North Hollywood is known as an enclave for artists, actors, musicians, and other creative individuals. Locals refer to North Hollywood as “NoHo.” It is an eclectic part of LA County nestled between Van Nuys and Burbank.

Full of modest residential blocks and a bustling arts district, North Hollywood is an ideal location for young professionals and artists. The area is famous for its variety of independent theaters and art galleries, making it a popular destination for patrons of the arts.

Browse Art Galleries and Take in a Show in North Hollywood

North Hollywood has a laid-back atmosphere and a younger-skewing demographic. If you tire of the local theaters and galleries, North Hollywood is a short trek from other attractions. The neighborhood is west of Burbank and connected to LA and Santa Clarita via the freeways.

There are about 87,241 residents in North Hollywood. The area has a diverse selection of residential properties, apartments, and condos to suit any taste or budget. You will also find an interesting mix of things to see and do in North Hollywood.

Top Attractions and Things to do in North Hollywood

The historic El Portal Theatre and various independent galleries fill the main streets of North Hollywood. Along with theatres and galleries, you may enjoy some of the following attractions:

Many of the top destinations in North Hollywood are found on Lankershim Boulevard. The major thoroughfare contains shops, diners, bars, lounges, and more theaters.

The NoHo Arts District is also a popular area and very pedestrian-friendly. You can find a variety of unique dining establishments including tea shops and gastropubs.

Adding to the fun and excitement in North Hollywood is a collection of escape rooms. These locations offer an interactive experience where you and your guests need to try to solve a puzzle to escape from the room.

You can also discover various trails, parks, and outdoor destinations, such as the North Hollywood Recreation Center, Chandler Bike Path, and the Valley Glen Community Park.


Top-Rated Schools in North Hollywood

North Hollywood has 16 schools within the neighborhood’s boundaries. Several of the local charter and private schools are highly ranked. The Celerity Palmati Charter School has one of the highest ratings in the region.

Public schools in North Hollywood are part of the Los Angeles Unified School District with over 600,000 students. For more information visit their website at:

Looking for Homes in the North Hollywood Area

The average cost of a home in North Hollywood has increased by 5.3% over the past year with a median home value of $701,590. The median rent is about $3248, which is average for the Los Angeles area.

There are many types of properties in North Hollywood including single-family homes, condos, and townhouses. While the median price is over $700,000, you can also find properties for as low as $330,000. The housing market is diverse and offers plenty of choices with multi-family homes being the most popular option.

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