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Many people have heard of Encino but know little to nothing about it. Located about 20 miles or so from Los Angeles and is home to many celebrities and non-celebrities alike. The community is alive and kicking with lots of things to do, interesting tourist spots, and lots of great shopping and dining opportunities.

Why Live in Encino?

Considered less expensive than nearby Bel Air and Beverly Hills, Encino is a great place to choose if you’re looking for a home in this area. Although it is in the valley and therefore has higher temperatures than areas such as Beverly Hills, it is a great place to live thanks to its storybook homes, hilltop houses that allow you to enjoy some spectacular views, and its closeness to Ventura Boulevard, which offers more restaurant and shopping opportunities than you’ll ever be able to explore.

Indeed, if you want a little reprieve from the high prices and the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and other more expensive areas, Encino is a great choice. It is also a smaller city with only about 60,000 people, and more than a third of them include families with young children. This makes it a great place to raise a family, especially because the Los Angeles Zoo is only 30 minutes away, nearby Los Encinos State Park offers opportunities to have a picnic and feed some geese and ducks, and schools in the area offer lower teacher-student ratios than many nearby areas.

Local Schools

Encino has 23 schools 18 of them being private. Encino Charter Elementary School has one of the highest ratings in the region.

The public schools are part of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Since 2009, Encino no longer has any public high schools. Although students are able to attend these public schools: 

  • Birmingham High School
  • Reseda High School

For more information visit Los Angeles Unified School Districts website at:


Where to Live in Encino

Encino has some incredible neighborhoods, and the right realtor can help you find the one that is right for you. Homes around the Sepulveda Basin Recreation Area are spacious and attractive, and most of them are single-family homes that give the area a more homey feel. Of course, this is not the only nice area in Encino, so whatever you’re looking for, you should be able to find it in this city.

Yet another advantage of living in this part of California is the excellent mass transit system available to you, which includes the Los Angeles METRO, the taxi services in the City of Los Angeles, and of course, your local Uber and Lyft drivers, all of which make getting around the city and surrounding areas a whole lot easier, not to mention less expensive.

Whether you’re moving to Encino because of a job or simply because you want a change of pace, there’s a lot to love about this beautiful town. A lot less expensive to live than other parts of Los Angeles and a picturesque view from nearly every town, this is one area you’ll be able to enjoy and call “home” for many years to come.

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