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The prestigious Burbank Hills is one of the most sought out places to live in Los Angeles County since its birth. Located in Burbank’s foothills of the Verdugo Mountains, the neighborhood is home to a quiet community loaded with stunning views of the San Fernando Valley, beautiful parks, and breathtaking homes

Burbank Hills offers schools that are apart of the award winning Burbank Unified School District:

  • Burbank High School
  • John Muir Middle School
  • Thomas Jefferson Elementary School
  • Emerson Elementary School
  • George Washington Elementary School
  • Miller Elementary School

Brief History of the Burbank Hills

Starting in the 1920’s as Country Club Drive became the ideal location for celebrities looking for a home near the studios. The Burbank Hills quickly became a prime location for families to settle in.

UCLA’s campus was originally destined to be in the hills of Burbank before choosing Westwood as their final location.

Things to do in the Hills

Residents of the Burbank Hills keep busy with its own outdoor amphitheater (Starlight Bowl), hidden away golf course (DeBell), valley view mountain top restaurant (The Castaways), amazing hiking and biking trails, and its own college campus Woodberry University.

Families have the option to get outdoors at Brace Park and Bell Air Park. Moreover, Wild Wood Canyon offers a 2.3 mile trail accessible all year round and offers great views of the city as well as beautiful wild flowers.

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