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First street village –

On June 13, 2017, the City Council approved the project, which consists of three six-story buildings with a total of 275 multifamily apartments on the upper floors; a total of up to 18,976 square-feet of retail and commercial space on the ground floors; related on-site amenities and open space areas; and related public and private improvements. The project site is generally located on the westerly side of North 1st Street (between 1st Street and Interstate 5), and between East Magnolia Boulevard and the alley southeast of Palm Avenue. The project site is a total of approximately three acres of land.

Premier on First –

In July 2015, applications were submitted for Development Review, Planned Development, and Development Agreement for a new project for mixed uses including multifamily residential, retail, restaurants, and either a hotel or office building. The site is located at 103 East Verdugo Avenue, along the easterly side First Street between Tujunga and Verdugo Avenues, and is a total of approximately 1.8 acres of land.

The Premier Project is proposed to be built in two phases:

Phase 1 will be a 14-story mixed-use building with 154 residential units; a 7,968 square foot retail space and 1,727 square foot restaurant space at the ground level; and subterranean and podium parking garages.

Phase 2 includes two possible development scenarios:

Phase 2A will be a 12-13 story hotel with a maximum 230 rooms; 18,544 square foot conferencing center on the podium level and 6,601 square feet of conference rooms on the 10th floor; 4,738 square foot restaurant space and 1,156 square foot retail space on the ground floor; and subterranean parking.

Alternatively, Phase 2b would be an 11-story building with 158,011 square feet of office space and 12,822 square feet of commercial space for retail and restaurant type uses; and subterranean and podium parking garages.

Construction of the Project is anticipated to take approximately six years and be completed by 2024. Phase 1 would begin in the summer of 2018, and finish in summer of 2021. Upon completion of Phase 1, Phase 2 would begin in summer 2021 and finish in summer of 2024.

Talaria at Burbank –

In May 2013, a Development Review, Lot Line Adjustment, Parcel Map, and Planned Development application was submitted for a new project that would consist of 241 residential units above a 43,000 square foot grocery store. The site is located at 3401 W. Olive Avenue and encompasses approximately 3.9 acres of land. This project would require a zone change from MDR-4 and MDC-2 to PD and would also require the vacation of Avon Street between Alameda and Olive Avenue as well as an alley.

Burbank Town Center-

The owners of the Burbank Town Center are looking to add several hundred apartment units and a small hotel near the struggling mall.

In April, CAPREF Manager LLC announced its plans to revamp the mall with an updated interior design and new facade on the Magnolia Boulevard entrance, which includes an outdoor escalator and public space to create a more open feel.

Additionally, the real estate operator will be working with Crown Realty and Development Inc. to build a seven-story, mixed-use development with 765 apartments where the outgoing IKEA store is located, along with 35,000 square feet of retail space at ground level.

Scott Plambaeck, a deputy city planner for Burbank, told the Planning Board on Monday about the latest proposals from CAPREF, which involve building a 265-unit apartment project on the existing Office Depot site, a 70-unit condominium complex where the Corner Bakery is located and a 200-room hotel on the site of Chevys Fresh Mex restaurant.

Plambaeck said the real estate developer is looking to spend about $60 million in improvements to the mall as well as the planned housing and hotel.

New 14-Gate passenger terminal-

On November 8, 2017, Burbank voters approved the construction of a new 14-gate passenger terminal at the Hollywood Burbank Airport. The Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority estimates the replacement terminal will open in 2022. Over the next three years, from 2017 through 2019, the Airport Authority will conduct soil testing, update the Airport Layout Plan, submit it for Federal Aviation Administration approval and complete a Federal National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) study.

Later this year, the Airport Authority will also begin a public conceptual design process, with at least six public design meetings (“charrettes”) in Burbank. The terminal design and construction phase, which is anticipated to take place between 2018 and 2022, will include Airport Authority approval of the final design after a public hearing, submission of plans to the City of Burbank for a building permit, and construction of the replacement terminal. The existing terminal is expected to be demolished in 2023, after the opening of the replacement terminal. The Authority will then extend the taxiways.

Freeway Expansion-

The Empire Interchange / Interstate 5 Improvement Project is a series of enhancements to the Interstate 5 Freeway, including a new interchange at Empire Avenue. This project, led by Caltrans and funded primarily by State transportation funds and Los Angeles County transportation sales tax funds, will relieve congestion along Interstate 5 while providing an important new access to the Golden State area of Burbank, including the Empire Center and Bob Hope Airport.

Project Highlights

Full freeway interchange at Empire Avenue

New freeway and railroad crossing allowing access to Empire Center

Freeway widening including 2carpool lanes and weaving lanes

Burbank Blvd. Interchange Demolition & Reconstruction

Railroad grade separation at Buena Vista Street

Realignment / Closure of San Fernando Blvd near Lincoln Street.